Posted 19 Sep 2012

Client: Battistella S.p.a. & Novamobili S.p.a.
Date: April 2013
Format: Full HD 1080p

Video report entitled Feelings and Emotions, showing the 60th anniversary of Battistella S.p.a. Group, celebrated at i Saloni 2013 in Milan. The video report and the video installation integrated in the architectural set was designed and produced at Cibo Creative Lab.

The video installation shown in this video was created with 36 megapixel timelapse photography of diverse urban and rural environments. The installation was then shown during the event on 18 Full HD, 46 inch monitors synced by 18 players.


Alberto Vittadello: Director, Art Director, DOP, Motion Designer, Post Production, Installation Designer
Nicola Coin: Art Director, DOP, Motion Designer, Coloring, Post Production, Installation Designer
Michele Braga: On set Recording, Audio Designer, Composer, Installation Audio Designer
Diego Nicoletti: Camera Operator

Client: FL Medical
Date: Jan 2013
Format: Full HD 1080p

FL Medical - Commercial has been designed and produced by CIBO.
This video was developed to present the company FL Medical, it has been shown for the first time at Medica Messe 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
FL medical is a leading laboratory equipment manufacturer that has been producing laboratory products for medical technology since 1979.


Alberto Vittadello: Director, Art Director, DOP, Motion Designer, Compositor, Post Production
Nicola Coin: Art Direction, DOP, Camera Operator, Motion Designer, Coloring, Compositor, Post Production
Michele Braga: On set Recording, Audio Designer, Composer
Diego Nicoletti: Camera Operator
Diego Bano: Assistant, Junior Motion Designer

3D / 2D Architectural matte painting designed for Marvel by Alberto Vittadello.
It is a concept design for the entrance of one of Marvel's theme parks.
Image created with 3ds Max, Photoshop, After Effects, Wacom graphic tablet.

Curtesy of Marvel and Art & Project.


Client: DAAF Society
Date: March 2011
Format: Full HD 1080p

Credits: Designed and developed by CG Artist/Director Alberto Vittadello at cibo creative lab.
Audio by Alberto Vittadello.

Video clip developed for a brand new online network for the creative industry.
The clip is a mixture of traditionally handcrafted props and animated 2d and 3d graphics.